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50 Powerful Call-to-Action Phrases With Idea Variations For Ecommerce

50 Powerful Call-to-Action Phrases With Idea Variations For Ecommerce

The 50 powerful call-to-action phrases point out what action to take, and the outcome of doing so. Audience varies, wording varies, and creativity varies. But the principle of clarity remains.

From CTAs for web pages and emails to social media and ads, eCommerce traction lies in clicks. For buying, subscribing, pre-ordering, or whatever action you want shoppers to do.

Check out these flexible calls-to-action you can copy, paste, and adapt—as a starting point. Note that phrases and examples may vary slightly, but all align with each CTA's concept.

1. ​​Add to Cart Now

The quintessential eCom CTA—"Add to Cart Now". Direct, action-oriented, and instills a sense of urgency, nudging the customer from browsing around to move one step closer to purchase. A CXL study showed that adding urgency may increase conversions by 332% for online sellers.

better booch kombucha as one of the call to action examples for ecommerce
  • Pro-tip: Strategic urgency is the way, not stress nor overwhelming.
  • Use cases: Product pages, and quick-view pop-ups.

2. Claim Discount Code

Landing on a "Claim Discount Code" call-to-action hooks customers with the allure of savings. The first thing that crosses their mind is that they've stumbled upon an unmissable deal.

hydrant discount popup as one of the ecommerce cta examples
  • Pro-tip: Set a clear and reasonable expiry date. Time-bound but long enough to act.
  • Use cases: Promotional events, holiday sales, and email campaigns.

3. Subscribe and Save

With the subscription eCommerce market rocketing from $72B in 2021 to $120B in 2022, consumers are leaping at the chance to ensure a steady supply of goods. And since good products are hard to let go of, "Subscribe and Save" made it to the list of powerful CTAs.

bark box subscription as one of the call to action examples
  • Pro-tip: Offer a discount or value-add to the subscriber.
  • Use cases: Product pages, checkout section, and in post-purchase emails.

4. Join The Community

Warm, inviting "Join The Community" call-to-action fosters a sense of belonging. It promises more than transactions—connections and conversations. Both customer loyalty boosters.

harley davidson membership as one of the ecommerce community cta examples
  • Pro-tip: Brainstorm unique benefits for the community.
  • Use cases: Social media, emails, home banners, and at the end of blog posts.

5. Preview Collection

Let's get a peek at the freshest fashion before anyone else, shall we? The "Preview Collection" CTA button is not just a path to browse—it's your backstage pass to see what's coming next.

  • Pro-tip: Keep some details under wraps to build excitement.
  • Use cases: Perfect for the 'coming soon' section on the website.

6. View Full Details

Who doesn't love a complete story? The "View Full Details" call-to-action button is your website visitors' chance to dig into all the ins and outs of your products.

abercrombie view full details as one of the product page cta examples
  • Pro-tip: Cover as much relevant and transparent details as possible.
  • Use cases: Ideal for complex products with multiple features.

7. Buy Now, Pay Later

When it comes to financial flexibility, the "Buy Now, Pay Later" CTA wins. Buying in easy installments. It's why 900M users are expected to jump on this bandwagon by 2027. Thanks to Klarna, Affirm, and Afterpay, online shopping is more accessible for diverse market segments.

ps5 on newegg with buy now pay later available as one of the most effective call to action examples
  • Pro-tip: Highlight the terms of the installment plan for transparency.
  • Use cases: Product pages, at checkout, and in marketing materials.

8. Limited Time Offer

Heart-racing race against a potential deal that's about to vanish. The "Limited Time Offer" call-to-action can elevate your store's conversion rate by 44.76%—when done right. This fleeting window becomes an irrrrrresistible sprint towards savings.

rayban limited time offer as one of the best call to action examples
  • Pro-tip: Reasonable duration. Neither too long nor too short.
  • Use cases: Holiday sales, flash sales, or to move excess inventory.

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9. See It In Action

It's a front row seat to the video show—starring your product(s). The "See It In Action" CTA takes some of the guesswork out of online shopping, bringing the product to life before your eyes. You can also leverage that visual resource to place a secondary CTA at the end.

  • Pro-tip: Short, clear, and high-quality product demonstration.
  • Use cases: Works best for electronics, furniture, and high-end accessories.

10. Take [Product] Quiz

The intersection where online shopping and gamification meet. "Take [Product] Quiz" call-to-action represents an opportunity to guide potential buyers through product options.

gainful take quiz as one of the call to action cta examples
  • Pro-tip: Match the quiz results with relevant (and available) items.
  • Use cases: Nice alternative for brands with a wide product variety.

11. Compare Products

Decisions, decisions...made easier with "Compare Products". This CTA button acts as your personal shopping assistant. It lays out the pros and cons side-by-side, helping you pick the best option for your needs.

crutchfield compare products as one of the call to action examples
  • Pro-tip: Make the comparison feature user-friendly and intuitive.
  • Use cases: Product listing pages, within the product detail page.

12. Pre-Order Now

Jump the queue with "Pre-Order Now". The pass shoppers get to secure the latest and greatest before anyone else. It's a CTA where anticipation leads to transaction-action.

aodebike pre order as one of the e-commerce cta examples
  • Pro-tip: Set a clear timeline for delivery to manage customer expectations.
  • Use cases: Home, product page, emails, ads, and social media.

13. Request a Sample

Giving away a sneak peek has never been so worthwhile. "Request a Sample" CTA invites shoppers to experience the best you have to offer. With free samples proven to drive sales by up to 2,000%, this teaser can turn first-time testers into lifelong customers.

marie claire free sample clickable button as one of the most compelling cta examples
  • Pro-tip: The sample has to represent the quality of your product.
  • Use cases: Industries like beauty, food, and beverages.

14. Satisfaction Guarantee

The "Satisfaction Guarantee" call-to-action got your customers back. It builds trust and works as a reassurance mechanism that what you're selling is top-notch. No more hesitation, just worry-free purchasing decisions without fear of disappointment.

feetures satisfaction guarantee as one of the call to action examples
  • Pro-tip: Outline transparent guarantee terms and conditions.
  • Use cases: Product pages, during checkout, or in after-sales.

15. Book Your Demo

In high-end eCommerce, demos let customers try exclusivity, overall functions, and real quality before making a decision. That's what the "Book Your Demo" CTA helps with.

potion book demo cta button as one of the call to action examples
  • Pro-tip: Offer flexible demo scheduling with persuasive value.
  • Use cases: High-end and/or custom product lines.

16. Start Shopping

"Start Shopping" – a straightforward call-to-action. The door-opener phrase sets the pace, encouraging visitors to explore a curated line of products right away.

zulu longines start shopping as one of the call to action examples
  • Pro-tip: Check that the CTA leads to a user-friendly product catalog.
  • Use cases: Home, welcome emails, and promo banners.

17. Download Buyer Guide

Guide your customers to the right choice with the "Download Buyer Guide" CTA—a map to the best buying decision. This content material demystifies product options.

wayfair buyer guide section as one of the call to action examples
  • Pro-tip: Link your buyer guide to your FAQ or support page.
  • Use cases: Product pages, blog posts, FAQs, emails, and social media.

18. Free Shipping On Orders Over [X]

Sweeten the deal with "Free Shipping On Orders Over [X]". This CTA is a customer magnet by default. NRF study says more online shoppers want free shipping.

murgs free shipping as one of the cta examples
  • Pro-tip: Test the impact of free shipping on your bottom line.
  • Use cases: Home, product pages, and at the checkout.

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19. Hurry, Limited Stock

The last piece of cake at a party. That's what I get when I spot the phrase "Hurry, Limited Stock". Urgency at its finest, making it a high-converting gem for eCommerce.

amazon limited stock copy as one of the urgent call to action examples
  • Pro-tip: Use this CTA when you legit have limited items left.
  • Use cases: High-demand products, cart reminders, retargeting ads, and pop-ups.

20. Get Inspo on [Store] Blog

Sometimes a dose of inspiration and references is what you need to make a purchase decision. With the "Get Inspo on [X] Blog", you redirect shoppers to the… store's blog. Think of hosting content around product types, comparisons, tips, trends, and so on.

pressed blog call to action example
  • Pro-tip: Tie your blog posts back to the products you sell.
  • Use cases: End-of-product descriptions and within the store's footer and menu.

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21. Save for Later

I love the "Save for Later" or "Add to Favorites" CTA. It's like a subtle "No pressurel. Buy whenever you're ready". The best part? You don't have to end up empty-handed. Let website visitors save for later in exchange for an email address so you can send reminders afterwards.

west elm save for later cta button as one of the call to action examples
  • Pro-tip: Implement follow-up tactics (email notifications or retargeting ads).
  • Use cases: Place it alongside "Add to Cart" or "Buy Now" on your product pages.

22. Tell Us What You Think

Your customers are your best critics. Call-to-actions like "Tell Us What You Think" or "Write a review" encourage feedback, showcases your brand's commitment to improvement and deepens customer engagement. After all, who doesn't want to have their opinions valued?

bite write a review cta button as one of the cta examples
  • Pro-tip: Ask for feedback and, whether positive or negative, respond to it.
  • Use cases: Post-purchase emails, product pages, newsletters, or social media.

23. Refer a Friend

The classic word-of-mouth with the "Refer a Friend" CTA. Nothing beats a personal recommendation. Especially when 92% of consumers trust referrals from people they know. It's a win-win—customer shares an awesome find, and you reach potential new buyers.

omsom refer a friend simple cta example
  • Pro-tip: Incentives have to go both ways, the referrer and the referred.
  • Use cases: Post-purchase emails, newsletters, and the checkout page.

24. Complete Your Purchase

Never underestimate the "Complete Your Purchase" phrase as a CTA. According to a 2017 Klaviyo report, recovery emails earn back 3%-14% of lost sales. So a simple yet compelling "It seems you left something behind" encourages shoppers to make it to the checkout page.

  • Pro-tip: Pair this CTA with a discount, free shipping, or something else in exchange.
  • Use cases: Cart recovery emails, store pop-ups, and retargeting ads.

25. Join the Waitlist

The waitlist game is all about creating product anticipation around exclusiveness. Customer engagement, community, and sense of urgency—the lifeblood of eCommerce.

  • Pro-tip: Follow up with those who join the waitlist once the product is available.
  • Use cases: Out-of-stock product pages or yet-to-be-released products.

26. Share on Social

Call-to-action "Share on Social" is three things at the same time. A gateway to brand visibility, a conversation starter, and a catalyst for organic growth. This phrase propels your content into social media while adding a touch of user-generated content to your marketing mix.

onewheel dynamic social media as one of the ecommmerce call to action examples
  • Pro-tip: Offer discounts or giveaways to push social sharing.
  • Use cases: Blog posts, product videos, and customer reviews.

27. Take An Additional X% Off

Say hi to the CTA "Take An Additional X% Off" to get shoppers to open those wallets. Short and straight-to-the-point. I love discounts, you love discounts, and so do your customers.

kohls flash sale deal as one of the call to action examples for online stores
  • Pro-tip: Show the discount code automatically once the CTA is clicked.
  • Use cases: For new subscribers, first-time buyers, and to re-engage old buyers.

28. Redeem Your Gift

Using "Redeem/Reveal Gift/Deal" as your CTA phrase appeals to that 55% of US internet users who won't let a year go by without snagging a deal. It combines the joy of receiving something-for-nothing with saving a couple of bucks. Capitalize on that urge.

blume redeem gift ecommerce call to action example
  • Pro-tip: Make sure the gift or coupon is easy to redeem and with clear terms.
  • Use cases: Transactional emails, survey participation, and remarketing campaigns.

29. Contact Support

No one wants to feel left hanging—your customers sure don't. A straightforward, visible "Get Help" call-to-action respects everyone's time. It simplifies the help-seeking process. Be right there when shoppers need you most.

bloom and wild shop customer support as one of the call to action examples
  • Pro-tip: Train your support team so it's responsive and problem-solvers.
  • Use cases: Troubleshooting during checkout, FAQs, or on error pages.

30. Trade In Your Old [Product]

Tech-savvy folks with outdated gadgets love an upgrade. So the "Trade In Your Old Product" CTA is an enticing proposition that taps into that desire. It piques interest and positions your store as a sustainable option, contributing to a circular economy.

apple trade in call to action example
  • Pro-tip: The smoother the trade-in process explanation, the better.
  • Use cases: Online tech stores, product pages, and post-purchase emails.

31. Explore New Arrivals

For every frequent shopper out there, there's a "New Arrivals" CTA. This phrase introduces the latest offerings, keeping your brand at the forefront of the shopping experience.

nike new arrivals ecommmerce call to action example
  • Pro-tip: Update this section on a regular basis to maintain customer interest.
  • Use cases: Home banners, email newsletters, and social media.

32. Make Your Wishlist

Creating a wishlist, for shoppers, is like curating a personal museum. With the CTA, "Make Your Wishlist", you're letting your store visitors craft one-of-a-kind collections.

art of play ecommerce wishlist as one of the most strong cta examples
  • Pro-tip: Leverage wishlist data for personalized (and non-intrusive) marketing.
  • Use cases: Product pages, and email marketing campaigns.

33. Shop Best Sellers

You can't go wrong showing the best sellers. As the phrase suggests, this CTA acts as an endorsement from the shopping community towards tried-and-true products. It takes out part of the guesswork and gives a shortcut to what others already love.

figs best sellers call to action example
  • Pro-tip: Base the display of your best-selling products on actual sales data.
  • Use cases: Home, category pages, and promotional emails.

34. Notify Me Once In Stock

Missed future sales? Not anymore. Call-to-action "Get Notified" is the glimmer of hope for eager customers who were just about to buy. And realized the product was unavailable.

all birds notify when in stock second cta in product page as one of the ecom call to action examples
  • Pro-tip: Notifications matter. Automate email scheduling.
  • Use cases: Product detail pages for out-of-stock items.

35. Earn Rewards

The more shoppers spend, the higher the points (or credits) to claim rewards. From discounts on future purchases and exclusive products to cash back, gifts, and more.

mukti earn rewards details as one of the call to action examples
  • Pro-tip: State in plain English what the reward is, and under what conditions.
  • Use cases: Checkout, email campaigns, and loyalty program pages.

36. Read Testimonials

There's so much power in "Read Testimonials" because it's the simple CTA for social proof. And nothing speaks louder than other buyers' positive experiences.

lotus belle read testimonials call to action example
  • Pro-tip: Showcase accurate, authentic, and relatable reviews.
  • Use cases: Home, landing page, product page, marketing emails, and social media.

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37. Find a Store Near You

If local eCommerce with physical locations is your thing, the "Stores Near You" type of CTA is the answer. Depending on the product's nature and pricing, specific target audience segments would love to visit, take a closer look at the products, and (perhaps) have human interaction.

stumptown find a store near you as one of the call to action examples
  • Pro-tip: Pair the CTA with a store locator tool/integration or interactive map.
  • Use cases: Store's header/footer, contact page, and targeted local ads and emails.

38. Continue Shopping

After each sale, I'm sure your store has more to offer. So, with the "Continue Shopping" CTA, you extend the buyer's journey (browsing, browsing, browsing)—leading to potential upsells and cross-sells. All of a sudden, the cart $ size is juicer now.

crazy cups continue shopping call to action example on checkout section

39. Frequently Bought Together

Potent CTA "Frequently Bought Together" amplifies the customer's shopping experience. How? By suggesting complementary products, which encourages a higher cart value.

drift frequently bought together as one of the call to action examples
  • Pro-tip: Bundle relevant items together that enhance the main product.
  • Use cases: Product pages, shopping cart, checkout, and post-purchase emails.

40. Shop to Support [X] Cause

Heartwarming call-to-action phrase that links consumer spending with social responsibility—"Shop to Support [X] Cause". It creates a scenario where the buyer and seller – besides exchanging value – serve a good purpose aligned with the brand's values.

bombas shop to support cause as one of the call to action cta examples
  • Pro-tip: Share details of how sales contribute to the cause you're supporting.
  • Use cases: Home banners, product descriptions, email newsletters, and social media.

41. Send Me That Gift Card

Go-to dynamic CTA for introducing your store's gift card section, "Send Me That Gift Card". This is how customers have an easy and flexible path to the act of gift-giving.

superdry gift card call to action example for ecommerce
  • Pro-tip: Gift cards must fit a diverse range of budgets.
  • Use cases: Holiday promos, special occasions, and as an alternative payment method.

42. Take Me to the Next Step

When shoppers get lost in the middle of the customer journey, frictionless CTAs like "Next Step" or "Continue to [X]" walk the buyer through so shopping momentum isn't ruined.

papier take me to the next step as one of the call to action examples
  • Pro-tip: Smooth navigation is key. Make sure every step is streamlined and logical.
  • Use cases: Multi-step checkout, lengthy sign-ups, and any other transition points.

43. Checkout With One Click

The modern e-shopper values time above all. For that, the CTA button "Express Checkout" is your friend. Accessible, hassle-free, and fast checkout that makes customers happy.

ketnipz checkout express call to action example

44. Enjoy [Season] Favorites

This is a CTA phrase full of freshness that makes the most sense for apparel and lifestyle brands. Clothing, watches, perfumes, sneakers, and the list goes on. "Enjoy [Season] favorites" beckons customers to check out hand-picked selections for that time of year.

goodfair ecommerce store enjoy seasonal favorites as one of the call to action examples
  • Pro-tip: Properly match products to the season or holiday. Avoid randomness.
  • Use cases: Home, landing page, product listings, emails, and social media.

45. Grab Your Welcome Gift

The equivalent of a warm handshake or a friendly hello. With the only difference being that CTA "Grab Your Welcome Gift" comes from an online store. Good first impression from the get-go.

jimmy joy welcome gift as one of the cta examples
  • Pro-tip: Freebie, discount, or product sample, as long as it has real value, go with that.
  • Use cases: Welcome emails, sign-up confirmation pages, and first-time visitor pop-ups.

46. Available Same Day Delivery

Instant gratification. The waiting game is a thing of the past. Calls-to-action of this kind, "Available Same Day Delivery", makes your eCom biz a go-to choice for last-minute shopping.

target same day delivery call to action example
  • Pro-tip: Double-check on your capabilities to fulfill this promise.
  • Use cases: Product detail pages, shopping cart, and the final stage of checkout.

47. Discover What's In [Category]

Buyers who aren't buyers (yet) do research first, and then purchase. Let's say you have a watch store, for instance. The strategic CTA "Discover What's In [Category]" can cover either men's watches, or women's watches, or smartwatches, or brands and types.

eton explore categories as one of the call to action examples
  • Pro-tip: UI-wise, meet optimal standards of user-friendliness and info architecture.
  • Use cases: Home, menu, category pages, landing page, banner ads, and emails.

48. Curated Just For You

Online stores have more than one customer segment. Learning about each group's style, likes and moods plays a role in understanding what set of products is worth showcasing together. That's when the "Curated Just For You" call-to-action comes in.

lyst curated just for you as one of the call to action phrase examples
  • Pro-tip: Learn from your customers' shopping behavior data to curate the right way.
  • Use cases: Landing page, and personalized emails for specific audience segments.

49. Go for the Gold Edition

Red carpets do exist in eCommerce. And the phrase "Go for the Gold Edition" reflects part of that. Quality is always expected with non-premium items. But this CTA works as a signal to let store's visitors know that there's also a top-tier version available.

  • Pro-tip: Highlight in detail what's the additional and/or exclusive value.
  • Use cases: Product pages, upselling at checkout, and promotional emails.

50. Browse Via [Store] App

If your eCommerce is one of those in a position where having an app makes sense from a growth standpoint—"Get More With The [Store] App" is the CTA to drive app traffic. Ideally, this channel has to elevate the shopper experience with exclusive offers and a seamless UI.

asos ecommerce app call to action example
  • Pro-tip: Offer a superior UX. Otherwise, customers won't see a big difference.
  • Use cases: Mobile pop-ups, emails, social media, and order confirmation pages.
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