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Exciting start of 2022 with amazing new features

Rami Madi
Rami Madi
March 2, 2022
minute read
Exciting start of 2022 with amazing new features

It’s been an exciting start of the year for us. We’ve released new features that will definitely be useful for you. We’ve also made Attrac more powerful, thanks to your valuable feedback.

Keep on reading to know more about our amazing new features.

Native support for emojis:

You can now easily give life to your announcements, by adding emojis directly from within the app. With a click of a button, you can choose from a wide variety of emojis that will surely catch the attention of your visitors.

naive support for emojis

New Call-to-Action options:

The Call-to-Action is one of the most important elements of any announcement bar. That’s why we decided to upgrade its abilities, giving you a better tool to convert your visitors into customers. Now your visitors can send emails, send an SMS or WhatsApp messages, or call a phone number from your announcement bar.

Call-to-Action options

Advanced targeting:

Showing your message to the right people at the right time is essential, so we made it easier for you to do this with our new advanced targeting capabilities. Now you can select where to show your banners or bars with better accuracy. You can show your bars on certain products, pages, or collections; you can even target products dynamically through product tags. Moreover, you can now show different messages according to the cart value or the number of viewed pages of your customers, and many more new targeting features that you can do magic with.

advanced targeting

Be creative and play around with the new features to engage your customers and create eye-catchy bars and banners.

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