Introducing Attrac: Our popular Shopify app has a brand new name!

Rami Madi
Rami Madi
November 23, 2021
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Introducing Attrac: Our popular Shopify app has a brand new name!

Back in 2018, we had our own Shopify stores, and like most of you, we were overwhelmed with our daily e-commerce business duties. We loved Shopify because it made it very easy to manage our stores and that we didn’t have to worry about any technical issues anymore. However, during our work, we found out that Shopify is missing some of the apps that we really needed for our stores, and we were not satisfied with what was available. Since we are technical people we decided to code these features for our stores ourselves. We saw the results of our work on our business immediately. The opportunity was clear, that other merchants would benefit from using these apps too. Without a second thought, AppHero was born, to develop tools and apps for e-commerce stores that we’ll use ourselves and other merchants can use too.

Fast forward, we developed a few Shopify apps, and our flagship app became the go-to choice to create bars and banners on Shopify, to announce offers and grow sales. We're continuously adding new features and the app is growing fast. What started as a simple announcement bar maker became a fully-featured e-commerce marketing platform. Today, e-commerce brands around the world use our app to add attractive bars and banners to their stores to announce discounts and special offers to grow sales and email lists.   

We are happy to introduce Attrac, the new brand name of our popular Shopify app. This is good news for our merchants, this means we are committed to making the app bigger and better. We are focusing all our efforts and time to serve you better and make Attrac the best e-commerce marketing platform for small and large merchants.

Stay tuned for more updates, we have some exciting news and features coming so.

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