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Multi Announcements Bar: Your secret weapon to announce multiple offers and grow sales

Rami Madi
Rami Madi
December 1, 2021
minute read
Multi Announcements Bar: Your secret weapon to announce multiple offers and grow sales

How many times have you had multiple announcements and you didn't want to give up the valuable real estate of your website to add more than one bar or banner?

Why add multiple bars when you can use Multi Announcement Bar to display rotating multiple announcements and offers on the same bar.

The best part is that you can set it up in minutes and you can add and remove announcements as you need. It’s extremely easy to get started with a one-click install, no coding or development skills are needed.

Multi Announcement Bar is loaded with useful features to keep your customers engaged and drive more conversions. Here is a list of the main features included.

  • Fully customizable: Customize messages style to fit your theme. You can choose different fonts, colors, and icons for each message. Responsive and works perfectly across desktops, phones, and tablets.

  • Eye-catching transitions: whether a sliding, pushing or fading effect, you can choose from many message transitions to grab the attention of your customers.

  • Bar timing: Show announcements at the right time whether after a certain time or after the scroll reaches a certain point.

  • Call to action: easily add buttons, links, or coupons to your messages.

  • Targeting capabilities: Show the right message to the right visitor in your store. Targeting based on device type, page URL, traffic source, and location.

Now you have all the information, you should try it yourself, it’s easy and free to try it out.

Need any further information? Contact our support team and we’ll be more than happy to assist!

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