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Stop disturbing your customers with annoying pop ups to capture emails. We have an alternative.

Rami Madi
Rami Madi
November 30, 2021
minute read
Stop disturbing your customers with annoying pop ups to capture emails. We have an alternative.

Yes, we have an alternative and more effective way to capture emails other than using annoying pop-ups. Recently, we launched the collapsible email signup bar and our merchants are loving it. Even according to the numbers, our collapsible bar is converting better than the signup pop-ups. 

Here are six reasons why you should ditch pop-ups and use Attrac’s collapsible email signup bar.

  • Converts better. Convert website visitors to build and grow your email list, offer discounts, and much more with an attractive collapsible email signup bar. 

  • Less annoying and better customer experience. Sometimes customers dismiss pop-ups because they are not ready to sign up or interested to receive an offer at that moment. However, no need to dismiss the bar to continue shopping, customers can simply collapse it and expand it once they are ready to share their information.
  • Integrates with popular mail marketing apps. Our signup bar integrates easily with your favorite email marketing apps such as Shopify Mail, Mailchimp, Klaviyo, and Omnisend.
  • Fully customizable & adaptive. Our email signup bar is fully customizable to fit your theme. Responsive and works perfectly across desktops, phones, and tablets.
  • Creates dynamic Shopify coupons on the fly. Easily create and show unique Shopify coupon codes to your customers upon signing up.
  • It’s free to start and affordable to scale. Anyone can try it, the email sign-up bar is free forever. Since we don’t charge like other apps, based on your email list size which would become costly with time, it’s affordable for larger stores, as we offer unlimited total contacts.

If you are not using our email signup bar yet, don’t miss out!  Try it out now and offer your customers a better shopping experience.

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